Saturday, April 4, 2009

My christmas present grow up faster...

this little cute things is my christmas present from my boyfriend..
and since i'm a very good present in this world,
so i dint give him any present..

i never blog for few months d..
because why?
i moved to new room..
and the landlord dint offer internet service..
and now i share with my housemate..
pay RM40 per month,
and finally i can online..

i failed my paper 5 & paper 9 that i studied last semester,
so this semester i do paper 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10.
really crazy..
i have no choice..
just want 2 complete my CAT programme faster,
so that i can go to ACCA..

you know what..
my paper 10 lecturer just older than me 1 year old..
unbelieveable right?
but i not really like him..
is from my point of view lar..
maybe my classmates like him..

ok..stop gossiping bout people..
show you people my cute son..

wish he grow up faster..
now already 5 months..
but his weight not even 3kg..

nothing much to say..

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