Sunday, April 12, 2009

I want this!Iwant that!

My shopping desire come again..
I admit its always come..

But now,
the pinky pinky stuff not for myself,
is all for my son..
I'm such a GOOD mum right?

Lets see what I want..

This is the pinky toilet that I want..
But I haven found it in M'sia..
I saw this from China website..

I had seen this in one of the petshop in Taipan.. is dark green colour..
I prefer pink colour..
Not prefer..
this picture..
found from China website also...

Totally forgot where I get this picture from..
I like it..ya..because it is pink colour..AND it is heart shape..

Another pinky stuff here...
Get this from Taiwan website..

Princess bowl here!!
I want I want!!!
Who wanna buy this for me..
Who wanna buy this for my bean?I mean my cute son..
SEE..but this bed not suitable for my son..
for sure he will fall down if he sleep on it..

I wan this!I want this!!
This bed very pretty..
But nice to see only..
not enought big for my son..

It look like a princess bed..
I want....
My son will spoil this if I buy this for him..
1st..the black ribbon will come out..
then 2nd...
then 3rd...

Actually still got many things that I want..
but lazy to upload picture..
I know im lazy...

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