Sunday, April 12, 2009


What is bean bean show?
My cutest son's show..

BEAN:mummy..i feel sleepy d..can i sleep now?

BEAN:Come to visit my mummy's blog often..
if not i will angry!! i look like a ghost?I'd try to do this many times already..

Took it while he wanted to sleep..

SEE..look like garfield..

look so pity...

After 1 hours..he woke up..keep on smiling to

Get chances to take pictures...wakaka...

BEAN:mummy..ilove you...

Dont know why..he like to sleep like this..

This is the lazy boy..
he must lye down while drinking water..


My son's looks so delicious..

yummy yummy.....


He started change his teeth already..

This picture I just took it today.. show...

He look like a girl...

1 more dress for her..
already spend bout RM200 on his apparel..
still got some more...
the seller haven inform me to bank in for her..

his daddy bought this shirt for him..
it is a discounted item..
from RM70++ drop to RM40++
we bought this in petshop..
damn expensive..

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